Curation: Martina Menegon , Shahab Nedaei (/afk:)
Exhibition Space: Suzie Shride
Year: 2019

Mapping the gaze of lost memories. with photogrammetry and immersive technology
Defining reality in the age of Post-Truth is a delicate and fragile matter. Over the last decade we grew in distrust of already established facts and images, as Computer Generated Images (CGI) conquered Photo-Realism and algorithms started to filter our everyday reality. Revisiting the past can mediate our experience of the present while shaping our perception and understanding of an uncertain reality. As anything can be simulated, reality becomes precarious.

“[...] emerging technologies can be used to capture the abstract, the confusing, the hidden, the complicated" (Claire Hentschker) Curated by /afk: Martina Menegon and Shahab Nedaei, “Poetics of Uncertainty” features selected artworks by Claire Hentschker that explore the use of photogrammetry and immersive technology to create memories of places that no longer exists. Distancing her work from photorealism, Hentschker embraces CGI imperfections to capture and synthesize the memories, realities and pasts of lost places, creating new, bizarre and abstract shapes of these locations. Every artwork becomes a virtual archive of broken polygons that feel almost real but not quite. They are fragments of a broken existence, a disconnected new memory dictated by computer-vision and experimental imaging technologies.

Claire Hentschker is a digital artist based in New York. She uses experimental imaging technologies, such as photogrammetry and 3D scanning, to transform sets of found data (images, video, physical objects) into immersive representations of bygone and imaginary spaces. Her work has been exhibited at venues including MUTEK, Currents New Media Festival, NEoN Digital Arts Festival, the Peabody-Essex Museum and others. It is featured in the permanent collection of the Fotomuseum Winterthur. She was most recently the Artist in Residence at Cartier's Innovation Lab.