Artist: Shahab Nedaei
Genre: VR-Art Game
Year: 2018
Materials: Virtual Reality experience with 12.000 Video and Audio Clips

The work “disarray” is a multiverse labyrinth of collective events, which seems to be characterized by repetition. Yet, through user interaction, an emerging structure becomes distinguishable. With every new connection and leap into a subsequent multiverse made, each user sets forth on their own (narrative) odyssey on rough sea.

Due to the current technological progress and the associated spread of mass media, one is constantly exposed to the rapidly growing flood of information today. The more the tide rises, the more we seal ourselves off with carefully collected pieces of information. Cultures, communities and individuals surround themselves in echo bubbles that conform to their respective world view. Separations and borders become more and more apparent as the mass of information blurs their perspectives, pushing people into shut down. Fearing that their constructed worldview will be destroyed, any influence that does not correspond to the fragmented interpretation of the world that is society and culture is censored.

“We are blurring out of reality.” Facts are subordinated. Comfort is made a priority. With the work “disarray”, the user is thrown into a state between excess and isolation. Their constructed echo bubble of comfort is infused with creeping content that alters already fixed narratives of known and conforming information. The interaction further enhances the bubble and constructs it towards three basic building blocks of a story narrative: figure, transformation, diegeses. With each stroke a visible net of past decisions that obstructs further moves is constructed until a deadlock leaves the user in a non-stopping flood of escalating information. By constantly switching between interaction, observation, and the totality of influences, the reflex of building a coherent narrative between the content is stimulated to further distort information structures forming an ever deeper reaching spiral.