Artist: Wolfgang und Elif Fiel, Shahab Nedaei
Genre: Timebased Mediainstallation
Year: 2018
Dimensions: 280x140x40 cm
Materials: Electronically Choreographed architectural Form and semi-transparent LCD screens.

The fall ... first it was just a battered child, then a row of cells, then a whole tower. The wave of movement spread, selective and sudden, threatening to engulf the whole city in a wave of chaos and horror, unless ... but what could she do ... now that the elevator ride had turned into a chilling contest with violent death? The tower - Bernard Tschumi, The Manhatten Transcripts, >London 1994, S. 32.

The object is a schematic interpretation of a tower, a vertical street, and connecting rooms. Modified tft displays allow the targeted control of the light transmission on the facades. The hazy contours of the ghost of buster keaton transform the great narratives of modernity into a wordless comedy of the long now.