Artist:Online the Performance Team, Shahab Nedaei
Genre: Performance
Year: 2013
Materials:Performance with 12 People and UAV's
Exhibited: Biennale 2013, Expershia - Trieste 2014

The natural sciences have taught us for decades that the crucial ideas do not come into being along a predictable timeline of causality, but such factors as intuition, the unplanned or even “accidents” have a major impact. No doubt: CAD software and digital databases are of undeniable value. But they cannot replace the human ability to uncover and establish connections and connotations in an intuitive and even emotion-driven way. “Art is magic, freed from the lie of being truth.” Theodor W. Adorno ….

… wrote in his Minima Moralia. Although we live in times when truth is simulated or rather feigned by an apparent objectivity of indicators, figures and statistics, our society is not a machine, neither a mech- anical nor a digital one. It lives from subjects, identities, dreams and desires. One of the main qualities of the arts was and is to generate identity by not only allowing, but even more encouraging subjectivity, denying objectivity and addressing individual desires as well as social demands.

Dr. Gerald Bast, President University of Applied Arts Vienna Department of Digital Arts, University of Applied Arts Vienna

We aim at looking into the future of a practice, whose spatial narratives are increasingly shaped by the predominance of technological ecologies, which have long come to exert significant influence over the perception and subsequent interpretation of our natural and man-made environment.

Seen from a contemporary perspective, the modernist promise of never-ending progress appears to merge seamlessly with our day-to-day experience of a presence, mediated by vast amounts of digital information.

With the performance titled OnLine, we attempt to address the fundamental importance of media for our sense of living in a social world by means of audio-visual information gained by the presence of its visitors only. While a face recognition algorithm exemplifies the self-similarity of meta-communities, its code is being played back to the audience within the ultrasonic spectrum.

A new User generation is born, faceless, reduced to the recursive logic of an algorithm, connected to and pulled by the forceful promise of a progressive symbiosis between technology and humanity.

Text: Wolfgang Fiel