Artists: Jorge Gómez Elizondo, Shahab Nedaei

Created: 2022-02

Genre: Animation

Material: Projection mapped 3D Model

Duration: 5.05 minutes

Due to the current technological progress and the associated spread of mass media, one is constantly exposed to the rapidly growing flood of information today. The more the tide rises, the more we seal ourselves off with carefully collected pieces of information. Cultures, communities and individuals surround themselves in echo bubbles that conform to their respective world view. Separations and borders become more and more apparent as the mass of information blurs their perspectives, pushing people into shut down. Fearing that their constructed worldview will be destroyed, any influence that does not correspond to the fragmented interpretation of the world that is society and culture is censored.

Text - Eva Greisberger


Intra-Actions: Existence is not an Individual Matter

2022 - Palazzo Mora - Curated by Zentrum fuer Fachdidaktik - Venice / Italy

Image of the Project
Image of the Project