vr installation


jorge gómez elizondo


pico 4, surround sound




This work comprises three audiovisual pieces that are distributed in space, creating an audiovisual topography. The audience may explore the space, navigating through overlapping pieces that create a whole, allowing them to migrate at will to different sound spaces. Intangible trajectories of sound emanate and gravitate towards these videos, creating invisible, yet real temporary points of contact that dissolve borderlines and bring together seemingly disparate moments, lives, and places.

In this piece, the proposed topographies are fluid, constantly permeating each other’s space, creating trajectories, areas of togetherness and of clashes, of tensions and of repose. This constant change, migration, interconnection and nomadic ethos overarches the piece, inviting the audience to create their own “sweet spots” and explore the flow at will. The immersion in this case is an interconnectedness of movement between sound, image, space and audience.

hippocampus hippocampus hippocampus